I think, as a community, we tend to go through these cycles where people are at each other’s throats, or nights when the dash is tense, or things happening that may be cruel or hateful. So I’ve decided to come up with a pledge. You can participate or not, it’s up to you. Whether or not you do is your decision and doesn’t really determine anything about you. More than anything, it’s a promise to yourself and those who come to you to put in the best effort you can to try and make the community the best and friendliest place it can be. Now, I know things won’t always be perfect. I know people will argue or disagree. That’s the way the world works. But here is a pledge that will help you to keep in mind some things that you should reconsider doing to help decrease negativity in the community. 

I pledge to:

  • Not give negative feedback about a roleplay/person/rpcha without being asked directly by them.
  • Not participate in blacklists or hate lists or bad RP/RPCHA lists of any kind. 
  • Not send anonymous hate to any rp, rper, or rpcha (or anyone)
  • Not say insulting or mean things back to someone for disagreeing with me. 
  • Try to understand that a difference in opinions is not an attack, but also understand that guising rudeness as an “opinion” can still be hurtful.
  • Avoid making crude jokes or comments about race/sexuality/nationality/gender/heritage no matter what I am or the comment is about. 
  • Try my best to properly use trigger warnings
  • Remember that we are all people, we are all creators and writers and thinkers. We are all happy here, and that no one has the right to tear another person or their work down. 

There are no requirements to take the pledge. No rules if you don’t do it and no police that are going to force you to redeem yourself if  you break a rule. This pledge is for you. To try and be aware and think about your actions and the effects they can have on other people. It’s for the community. 

If you would like to take the pledge, you may paste this code into your sidebar to display that you have pledged:

<a href=”http://rpcgron.tumblr.com/pledge”>This RPer took the RPCHA Anti Hate pledge</a>

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